Types of Sprinkler Systems

Boyer Fire Protection is a full-service provider of fire sprinkler systems of all types of buildings, facility types and hazards.  In this section you can learn about the variety of Fire Sprinkler Systems available.  The links below will lead you to more details.

Wet Sprinkler Systems – The most common type of sprinkler system where water is constantly maintained within the system piping.

Dry Sprinkler Systems – A sprinkler system for use where freezing temperatures may exist.

Pre-Action Sprinkler Systems – A closed head sprinkler system where water does not enter the system until a detection event triggers the pre-action valve, at which point the head still needs to trip in order to activate the entire system.

Deluge Sprinkler Systems – Similar to a Pre-Action system with open heads, to deliver a large volume of water immediately upon activation.

Foam Sprinkler Systems / AFFF Sprinkler Systems – A sprinkler system that uses special components and foam agents to suppress fires.

Anti-Freeze Sprinkler Systems – Antifreeze loops protect areas in a building that are prone to freezing.

NFPA 3.31.16 For Fire Protection purposes, an integrated system of underground and overhead piping designed in accordance with fire protection engineering standards.  The installation includes at least one automatic water supply which supplies one or more systems. The portion of the sprinkler system above ground is a network of specifically sized or hydraulically designed piping installed in a building, structure, or area, generally overhead, and to which sprinklers are attached in a systematic pattern.  Each system has a control valve located in the system riser or its supply piping.  Each sprinkler system includes a device for actuating an alarm when the system is in operation.  The system is usually activated by heat from fire and discharges water over the fire area.

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