Boyer Fire Nominated for ASA Midwest Council Subcontractor Award

ASA MEP Nomination 2018

Boyer Fire Protection is proud to announce it has been nominated for an ASA Midwest Council Subcontractor Award. Past General Contractor of the Year winners and nominees of the American Subcontractors Association Midwest Council were sent nomination ballots to select outstanding subcontractors in the MEP and Specialty Subcontractor categories. Boyer Fire has been selected by these General Contractors as meeting or exceeding the nomination criteria. Winners will be announced April 14, 2018.

This is how you can stay safe if your Christmas tree catches fire


Belleville firefighters put real Christmas trees in two rooms in a vacant house on Wednesday. As part of a training exercise, one room had a sprinkler system set up and one did not. Both rooms were set on fire. The Belleville Fire Department showed what happened to the tree in a room without sprinklers.

Two rooms, two real Christmas trees, fake presents and a fire in a vacant house. Room No. 1 has a sprinkler system while room No. 2 does not. Which one goes up in flames?

As Belleville firefighters demonstrated Wednesday during a training exercise, the difference between the two fires is significant.

Room No. 1 reached 182 degrees as a lit candle caught presents, a tree and part of a chair on fire. A sprinkler system was set off, releasing several gallons of water in the room, sparing the house and most of the tree.

The fire in room No. 2, peaking at 1,246 degrees, left remains of what was once a tree and a couch.

The fire department said it wants residents to know what sprinklers could do in the event of a house fire. Firefighters say this is also the time of the year to remind people to water any real tree they may bring inside their home for the holidays.

“Just smoke detectors or early warning devices can get you out of the house. The sprinkler system is going to help that happen, but the damage that was done in that (first) bedroom can easily be fixed in a day’s time back in the house. Otherwise, this house would not be inhabitable for quite a while,” Belleville Fire Chief Tom Pour said.

The Belleville Fire Department completed the training exercise and live house demonstration with help from Boyer Fire Protection and Schaefer Engineering, out of Wentzville, Mo. Boyer Fire Protection installed the residential sprinkler system inside the vacant house on the 100 block of State Street. The house, which is set to be demolished, was donated to the fire department for training purposes.

Boyer Fire Protection, based in Belleville, said sprinklers can save lives as well as protect property, including newer homes that sometimes feature more combustible, lightweight materials. The National Fire Protection Association also supports the use of sprinkler systems, estimating that a person in home fire is about 80 percent less likely to die if sprinklers are present.

“This experiment worked better than we had planned,” Assistant Fire Chief J.P. Penet said. “The single sprinkler head over the fire went off. Directly above you is a second sprinkler installed in the room. The cover dropped, but it never sprayed water because it didn’t get hot enough over there, so a single sprinkler head controlled this Christmas tree fire.”

During the demonstrations, Belleville firefighters also captured video of the fires from inside the two rooms. The video is expected to be available to the public on the fire department Facebook page.

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This is what happens when your Christmas tree catches fire

BELLEVILLE, IL (KTVI)- Many homes around the area are all decked out with Christmas trees already. But the Belleville Fire Department wants to remind residents, that those trees can be dangerous and can go up in flames in a matter of seconds.

The Belleville Fire Department showed Fox 2 firsthand what happens when a dried-out Christmas tree catches fire. The results, frightening.

Within seconds after the fire starts the smoke alarm goes off. In this demonstration, the heat from the fire activates a sprinkler system. From the video, you can clearly see the difference in the damage of rooms. The one without the sprinkler system shows major damage. The room with a sprinkler system not as severe.

Fire fighters did this demonstration with Boyer Fire Protection Company.

“Our real goal today was to impress upon people how quickly a Christmas tree can burn, especially without out a sprinkler in a house and to show you the benefits of having a sprinkler in the residence,” said Chief Tom Pour

The fire department say obviously, a home sprinkler system increases safety and gives you time to escape.

Fenton Logistics Park – Under Construction


Fenton Logistics Park – Boyer Fire Protection is the fire protection subcontractor on the Fenton Spec Building I. It is a 158,000 square foot warehouse with 4 ESFR sprinkler systems. This is the first building of a large development planned on the site of the old Chrysler plant. Installation is expected to begin in April of 2017.

Chouteau’s Grove Apartments – Under Construction

Chouteau’s Grove ApartmentsChouteau’s Grove Apartments – Chouteau’s Grove is a new 271 unit 272,000 square foot apartment building with 20,000 square feet of retail space. The project is breaking ground in spring of 2017 and Boyer Fire Protection is set to begin work on the fire protection installation in late 2017 or early 2018.

MICDS Athletic and Recreation Improvements

MICDS Natatorium

MICDS Football Field


MICDS Athletic and Recreation Improvements – Athletic facility improvements at Mary Institute and St. Louis Country Day School are underway.

Boyer Fire Protection’s work on the project consist of installing fire sprinklers in the new locker room and press box area at the football field

( left) and the new Natatorium (right), which include new and existing locker rooms.

Alinea Town and Country – Under Construction

Alinea Town and Country

Boyer Fire Protection is part of the team for the construction of Alinea Town and Country.

Alinea is a 302,500 square foot apartment complex.

It consists of 254 apartment units spread across 3 buildings.

The project will include approximately 3,000 sprinklers.

Congratulations to Staybridge Suites on your Grand Opening


Boyer Fire Protection installed a fire sprinkler system in the new Staybridge Suites in St. Louis County. 

Fire Sprinklers Saves Lives!







Urban League Head Start – Grand Opening


Urban League Head Start

Boyer Fire Protection installed fire sprinklers in the Urban League of Metropolitan St. Louis Head Start Building.

Congratulations on your Grand Opening!