Pre-Construction Services

Boyer Fire Protection will work with the client and your design team in the early phase of conceptual drawings, to provide solutions and recommendations for… Learn more.


Boyer Fire Protection has designed and installed fire sprinkler systems in some of the most prestigious and recognizable buildings in the St. Louis / Illinois Metropolitan Area.  Boyer Fire Protection understands how to complete… Learn more.


Retrofits are some of the most challenging jobs for fire protection contractors.  Boyer Fire Protection’s experience will help control cost and disruptions associated with… Learn more.

Tenant Finish

Boyer Fire Protection is experienced with installing fire sprinkler systems in tenant spaces and modifying existing systems.  Boyer Fire Protection will review tenant plans and… Learn more.

Underground/Hydrostatic Testing & Flushing

Boyer Fire Protection installs underground piping for the fire line into your building.  This is separate water line for the fire protection system. Learn more.

Special Hazards

A Special Hazard Fire System can be any type of fire system designed to protect a specific hazard or process. Excluding water based systems, there are… Learn more.

System Upgrade

Does your fire-safety system meet the requirements of your building? There are a number of reasons for requiring… Learn more.

Commercial Installation

Boyer Fire Protection is experienced in all types of commercial installation.  Our extensive list of projects includes all types of construction projects. When you do business with Boyer Fire Protection, you get a complete… Learn more.

Residential Installation

Fire protection in new homes is becoming increasingly more popular.  In fact many areas of the country are now requiring that fire sprinkler systems be installed in all new homes. Learn more.

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