Retrofits are some of the most challenging jobs for fire protection contractors.  Boyer Fire Protection’s experience will help control cost and disruptions associated with retrofitting facilities.  The advances made in fire protection, now give building owners more choices for different types of fire protection systems and installation choices.

Advances in fire sprinkler systems have eased some of the challenges of retrofit, says Ken Isman, vice president of engineering, National Fire Sprinkler Association. The availability of more flexible piping systems helps bring the pipes into the building more easily, whereas 30 years ago the only option was rigid steel pipes. And extended coverage sprinklers provide an efficient way to cover a larger space.

These challenges are not the only reason building owners and facility managers put off installing new system.  The financial impact for owners can be hard to swallow, but when you compare the cost to a loss of your building and the disruption to your business the cost become a little more palatable.

Boyer Fire Protection can also assist your business in updating its fire protection system and bringing is up to the current NFPA standards. You can contact Boyer Fire Protection for a free consultation and review of your system.

“When you’re thinking about fire, think about how it’s something that could ruin your whole business. Fire can change things in a moment’s notice.”

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