Underground / Hydrostatic Testing & Flushing

Boyer Fire Protection installs underground piping for the fire line into your building.  This is separate water line for the fire protection system.

Boyer Fire Protection will coordinate the excavation, permitting and all necessary site coordination to install the underground piping.  Our experienced field crews will install, flush and hydro-statically test the piping before your system is put into service.

Boyer Firer Protection is also experienced with installing HDPE (High-density polyethylene) Piping.

This type of piping offers an alternative to ductile iron pipe.  Polyethylene pipe is normally joined by heat fusion. Butt, socket, sidewall fusion and electro-fusion create a joint that is as strong as the pipe itself and is virtually leak free.

Our Service Department is also experienced in repairing underground leaks.

Send Bid invites to or you can reach us at 618.222.1500 or 314.241.9944 and ask for our Estimating Department.