This is what happens when your Christmas tree catches fire

BELLEVILLE, IL (KTVI)- Many homes around the area are all decked out with Christmas trees already. But the Belleville Fire Department wants to remind residents, that those trees can be dangerous and can go up in flames in a matter of seconds.

The Belleville Fire Department showed Fox 2 firsthand what happens when a dried-out Christmas tree catches fire. The results, frightening.

Within seconds after the fire starts the smoke alarm goes off. In this demonstration, the heat from the fire activates a sprinkler system. From the video, you can clearly see the difference in the damage of rooms. The one without the sprinkler system shows major damage. The room with a sprinkler system not as severe.

Fire fighters did this demonstration with Boyer Fire Protection Company.

“Our real goal today was to impress upon people how quickly a Christmas tree can burn, especially without out a sprinkler in a house and to show you the benefits of having a sprinkler in the residence,” said Chief Tom Pour

The fire department say obviously, a home sprinkler system increases safety and gives you time to escape.